About Us

What is KC Showdown?

We are like minded car people that love and support anything car related. I started kc showdown in 2017 with the hopes of raising money for a charity called Next Step Kansas City and from there we found out how much fun it was to bring people together for a good cause and to show love to the car world. Bringing a diversity of people out to a car show will show how we can all get along in this crazy world no matter what race you are. We enjoy seeing the smiles on kids, parents, and their family members at our events. The fact that we can bring a city together and have fun and see some nice custom cars brings us joy and happiness. We appreciate everyone that comes out to our shows and thank all of our sponsor which we have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with. Thank you guys for showing continuous supports as we will continue to host these amazing events. See you at the next Showdown!



For any info and question regarding orders or tickets we are available for contact. Send us any concerns regarding our shows and we will be sure to respond as soon as we can. 



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